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Update: Dragon’s Crown removed from the PlayStation Store in Europe

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Update: In a official statement of NISA’s to Dragon’s Crown “The tweet that is being circulated should not be taken as an official statement.”

“With regards to our previous statements on Dragon’s Crown for the European PSN, we must extend our deepest apologies to Atlus and European fans regarding the incorrect information about the removal from this store.

The removal of Dragon’s Crown from the European PSN was part of NIS America’s and Atlus’s mutual agreement on this title. We are happy to announce that Dragon’s Crown will be available directly from Atlus in Europe through PSN.

Please look forward to Dragon’s Crown returning to the European PSN soon,” the company said.

Original Cotent: While a promotional offer dedicated to the Japanese game is currently placing on the European PlayStation Store, we learned that the Dragon’s Crown game can no longer be purchased. NIS America has spoken about it.

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Currently, Sony Computer Entertainment offers promotion on many Japanese video games on the PlayStation Store. Also, it allows you to enjoy a few nuggets for RPG and other action games on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

However, a player has questioned about the game Dragon’s Crown. Indeed, the title cannot be purchased on PS3 and PS Vita, via the online store of Sony.

Speaking via Twitter, the European branch of NIS America responded that their license has expired. Accordingly, the removal of the game from the PlayStation Store was inevitable.

Also, it is currently not possible to acquire the Vanillaware game on the PS Store. However, players who had previously purchased the title can always download them on their console.

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Clearly, this situation has a connection with the judgement of the collaboration between the Atlus publisher and distributor NIS America. The question is whether Sega – a priori interested to resume the distribution of Atlus games – will renew the license on the PS Store or not. Meanwhile, it will be necessary to get your hands on a physical version of Dragon’s Crown to enjoy it.