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Dragon’s Crown Pro 4K Comparison Trailer Released

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Only a few weeks are left for Dragon’s Crown Pro to make its Western debut. This new version of the 2013 title has some important improvements, some of them in the graphics section.

ATLUS wants you to know in detail the optimizations of Dragon’s Crown Pro, so it revealed a new trailer. It is a comparison video, where we see how the title will look in 4K.

You can return to the world of Hydeland in 1080p; however, the interesting thing will be to take advantage of the 4K support with which it will have on PlayStation 4 Pro. The trailer shows HD sequences and then compare them in a 4K resolution.

Another interesting addition is the work of Hitoshi Sakimoto, a composer who re-recorded the soundtrack of the title with an orchestra. Players who prefer the original soundtrack can change it from the audio configuration of the title.

It is not superfluous to remind you that Dragon’s Crown Pro will feature cross-play and cross-save with the original version of 2013. In fact, the game will receive an update on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita to enable these functions.

Finally, you may be interested to know that Dragon’s Crown Pro will include all the original updates, as well as the Storyteller Voice Pack DLC. The game will debut with a special edition in America.

Dragon’s Crown Pro will only be available on PlayStation 4 on May 15th. Without further ado, I leave you with the trailer below.