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Dragon Quest XI is 50 hours long, 100 hours for full completion

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Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time continues to be talked about: in the course of the Countdown Carnival of Fukuoka, in fact, the director the game, Takeshi Uchikawa, has announced that the title will last full 50 hours, although completing all of the secondary missions you can safely reach over a 100 hours.

Square Enix has spoken through Takeshi Uchikawa, the chief creative officer of Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time, about the length of the long much awaited role-playing game. Something that worries many fans.

At an event held in Fukuoka and attained by the team of GamesTalk, Takeshi Uchikawa himself has responded to this issue by estimating in about 50 hours time that must be used to end the main missions of the campaign. Nevertheless it has fixed in about 100 hours what will have to be allocated to the program in case of being completionists and for “getting involved” with its history.

The video game, in addition, has presented a long playable demo of the version for 3DS that you can see in the video below accompanying the news.

Recall that the Square Enix game will hit Japanese stores on July 29 this year on Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS consoles. An edition for Nintendo Switch is expected only later.

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