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Dragon Quest XI for Nintendo Switch might not come out in 2017

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Dragon Quest XI will be released in July in Japan on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS formats while everything is silent regarding the Switch version. Square-Enix assures it to be in development, although it is still without a launch window. According to Famitsu, the game could not get on the new platform of Nintendo during 2017.

Famitsu reveals in its latest publication that Dragon Quest XI, a game that will also come to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS that curiously has a release date set for July 29 in Japan, will not arrive at the moment to Nintendo Switch, that is it will not arrive during this year on the new console of the Big N.

The fact that the magazine has updated the page of Dragon Quest XI for Switch on its website, removing 2017 from “launch date”, replacing the year with a more generic “to be announced (TBA)”, which suggests a planned publication for the next year.

Clearly, for the moment it is only a rumor, it is certain that Famitsu has proved particularly reliable in the past regarding the products of Square-Enix, the removal of the launch window may actually indicate a slip for the output version of the Switch but it could also be a simple mistake.

Meanwhile, Square Enix has however assured that Dragon Quest XI will arrive on Switch, even if they can not still speak officially about it.

We look forward to learn more about it.