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Dragon Quest X download available soon on PS4 and Nintendo NX

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Dragon Quest X is a bit old game that came out in August 2, 2012 on Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Wii, Microsoft Windows and Android. The game is quite popular at the time of release and now it is all set to come on PS4 and Nintendo NX. It is a popular MMORPG game. The game also got high ratings. It is an online game. It also has some content that can be played offline but with limited content. It has a monthly based subscription. You can play and save all games files are stored on the cloud. So that next time when you login back you can continue your game progress from back where you had left it. The game is coming with a new series as Dragon Quest XI. So most probably this might not be ported.

Dragon Quest X Screenshot
Dragon Quest X Screenshot

Dragon Quest X is one of the biggest RPG game in Japan and now it is making its way to bigger consoles. It has just been announced by Square Enix. Being a popular game there are chances of having more unique content in the version that is coming on PlayStation 4. The game has already sold millions of copies and this new version might be a kind of instant hit after release. There are very less chances that the game will appear this year. It would be next or in year 2017 most probably.