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Dragon Quest Builders demo download available now on PS4 and Vita

Square Enix has announced the release of the demo of Dragon Quest Builders that is going to reach European territory in next month on October 14. The demo, completely free, is now available for download on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

According to the official report given to us, the demo will include elements for us to build our town and we will get to know more about the mechanics of the title, several missions and the possibility of exploring a huge portion of the land that we will see in the final version for both consoles in next month on October.

In the PS4 console of Sony, the demo requests 590 MB free disk, while the version for PS Vita portable asks for 226 MB for the installation of the demo. During the demo an introductory chapter of the game will be made available, where players can explore an island of enormous dimensions, restore a city and of course fight the famous monsters to complete the quests.

In Dragon Quest Builders we have to rebuild and regain one kingdom devastated by monsters of the Dragonlord and his army. We can create objects from anything, which will allow us to manufacture from items of all kinds to towns and castles, thus enhancing gameplay closer to what would be an open world game.

The title will arrive in physical format on PlayStation 4 and to PS Vita in digital download. It will be also available in Day One edition for those who reserve the game before launch.

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