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Dragon Quest Builders could arrive on Nintendo NX

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Within the event of Gamescom 2016, the producer of the Dragon Quest series, Noriyoshi Fujimoto, spoke about the support of Square Enix given to the next Nintendo system, NX, noting that they are likely to make a port of Dragon Quest Builders for the console.

Dragon Quest Builders

We still really lack concrete information on the support of third-party developers for NX outside many rumors, but Square Enix has recently confirmed the development of Dragon Quest X on NX in addition to the PlayStation 4 version. We also know that the company wants to reflect the development of Dragon Quest XI on the next Nintendo console (in addition to the already planned 3DS version), but nothing concretely has been announced.

So, Fujimoto spoke with DualShockers, and mentioned that Square Enix is aware that consumers of Nintendo and Dragon Quest are very compatible. But he said that currently there is nothing safe about bringing Dragon Quest Builders to NX, leaving open the possibility, as mentioned they are in talks to develop a port.

Finally, Fujimoto added that Dragon Quest Builders is a family game, an aspect that is compatible with Nintendo consoles and could promote the release of this game on NX.

Dragon Quest Builders will debut on October 11 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.