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Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Demo download available now

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Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Demo is now available with ample of new things to test out. You can get this from Nintendo eShop for 3DS. The demo offers you different modes with a few characters to test the game. After download you have chance to test this game for 30 times. This would be more than enough to understand how the game is and what new things it brings for the users. The game is having 2 playable modes. They are Battle and Versus. In Versus mode 2 players can play with each other by connecting their two devices. Then there are around 4 playable characters also. They are Goku, Gohan (Kid), Vegeta and Majin Buu. There will be also 8 Z-Assists characters. They are Korin, Great Saiyaman, Hercule, Recoome, Tien, Turtle, Mercenary Tao & Majuub.

Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Pics
Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Pics

And with this there are 5 stages to choose from. Those stages are Rocky Area, Urban Area, World Tournament Arena, Planet Namek & King Kai’s Planet. Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden release is still pending. The final release date of the game is around October 16. So there is quite a time for the release. The demo looks loaded with so many new things that will help you to test the game and checkout its gameplay. This action adventure game shows a bit better graphics and also some new stages that are worth to test out.

Game Description:

2-D Dragon Ball Z fighting returns with fast-paced, hard-hitting action in Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden! Featuring over 100 characters from the Dragon Ball Z universe, feel the destructive power of bone-crushing blows as you execute and chain together multi-hit combos. Command character specific move-sets and unleash epic Super Moves to deal devastating damage!

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