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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Resurrection F DLC download available on June 9

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse gets a new DLC after a very long time. This new dlc is the third and the final edition that will bring up some new interesting content for the game. The DLC is called as Resurrection F that offers some new content like new playable missions, new characters, some extra outputs and few more things that we will be discussing.

A lot of things are assumed to be taken from the upcoming movie based on this game. We are able to collect some information of things that are going to be included in this DLC. Dragon Ball Xenoverse Resurrection F DLC will be having around 4 new playable characters in the game. These 4 new characters are Jaco, Goku, Vegeta and Frieza. There are around 5 new quests in the game with two new masters also. There will be around 8 new master quests with 12+ new skills added for better competition.

Under custom you will be getting two new outfits with one gesture and 7 Z souls. So this is all the new things that are added in the game that would make this DLC a bit more interesting for the players. Dragon Ball Xenoverse Resurrection F DLC will be releasing on June 9 of this month. As per the new content this DLC might attract many players. The DLC size is not yet revealed. We are actually waiting for the release. Then we might be able to put more light on the game content. Dragon Ball Xenoverse is already quite a huge game with around 100 characters in it.

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