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Dragon Ball XenoVerse DLC download now available

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There is a new pack released recently for Dragon Ball XenoVerse series. The pack is called as Dragon Ball GT Pack 1. It is launched day before yesterday and will bring some new features in the game. A few highlight about this pack is that it is going to add little new content in this fighting game. There are three new fighters. They are Pan, Trunks GT and Kid Goku GT with a new stage called a Planet Truffle. Also with this players can test out around 5 new costumes for the selected character. The pack also adds some new accessories with 2 new masters. They are Tien and Yamcha. There is addition in special moves also. There will be around 15 new special moves in the game that will make the fight a bit more challenging. This new moves will be taught by the two new masters in the pack.

There is quite a lot of content in the pack, which will rejuvenate Dragon Ball XenoVerse gameplay. The pack is not for free. It costs around £7.99. It is a bit higher compared to a regular DLC price. But it also brings many additions which are worth to try. As per the content list it is worth to buy.

Pack Highlights:

  • New Stage Planet Truffle
  • 3 new characters. Kid Goku GT, Trunks GT and Pan.
  • 5 new costumes.
  • 9 new Z-Souls
  • 3 new accessories.
  • Tien and Yamcha 2 new Masters
  • 15 new special. This will be taught by above masters.
  • 4 Time Patrol Quests
  • 3 Parallel Quests
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