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Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC 3 with Golden Frieza download coming by the end of April 2015

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The weekly magazine Shonen Jump revealed the first details of the third DLC pack for Dragon Ball Xenoverse. In keeping with the publication of the movie Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F is the archenemy Golden Frieza playable.

It is a little hectic around the announcements of the downloadable content of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Shortly after the publication of the GT Packs 1 on 17 March 2015, three days later a list of all important content of the GT Packs 2 took place. For owners of the Season Pass and players willing to buy the third DLC, this is only the first details leaked now.

The third package of the DLC content for Dragon Ball Xenoverse includes new interesting characters, new missions and new parallel missions.

The roster of characters will be enriched with Golden Freeza, directly from the last movie of Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F, while for the mentors, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman will join. We do not know who the other mentor is, but we believe it can be part of the new film which is still unknown.

Also five parallel quests will be added then, thirteen super attacks and complete some new costumes – including that of Gohan who will use the last from his movie – two new accessories and three new Z-Souls.

The third package of DLC for Dragon Ball Xenoverse will arrive by the end of April.

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