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Dragon Ball: Project Fusion RPG announced for Nintendo 3DS

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The latest issue of the Japanese magazine V-Jump lifted the veil on the development of a new video game based on the DBZ series developed by Namco Bandai. According to preliminary information recorded, it will be an RPG for Nintendo 3DS.

Dragon Ball: Project Fusion RPG Wallpaper
Dragon Ball: Project Fusion RPG Wallpaper

Video games based on the series of Dragon Ball are legion for several years, through the publisher Namco Bandai. Nevertheless, it is very often based on games of fighting on gaming consoles and PC. However, a new title has been freshly revealed in the pages of the latest issue of the Japanese magazine V-Jump, with an RPG.

Currently named as Dragon Ball: Project Fusion, the title will be a game exclusive to the role of Nintendo 3DS which will base its originality on the possibility of mergers between characters.

Dragon Ball: Project Fusion RPG Screenshot
Dragon Ball: Project Fusion RPG Screenshot

The following first scan highlights against the possible fusion (merger) of Goku and Broly, a first in the franchise. Theme of the game and the technique of the fusion, according to the magazine, promises limitless possibilities, players can create their own fighter; will then be launched a contest where participants can send the drawings of warriors and result of the fusion between two characters in the series and the winner will be included in the video game character.

Pending a formal announcement on the part of the publisher, the Japanese magazine stressed that Dragon Ball: Fusion Project is due for release in 2016 in Japan.

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