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Dragon Ball Fusions release date scheduled for November 22

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In the video game industry it is very common to receive news about the delay of a title, fortunately, Dragon Ball Fusions belongs to the small group of games debuting earlier than expected. That’s right, Bandai Namco announced that you will not have to wait until December to try the RPG, as it will be available next week.

Dragon Ball Fusions

Planned to debut on December 13, Bandai Namco announced today through Twitter that Dragon Ball Fusions for 3DS now has a new release date: November 22, ie, three weeks earlier.

The RPG/Action game of Dragon Ball was announced in September and did not take long for us to know its release date. Now that the title will be arriving earlier than planned, we can say that the wait was very short with respect to the announcement of localization.

In Dragon Ball Fusions you can collect the characters of the Dragon Ball series, and others created by Akira Toriyama, to merge with each other. The story features Tekka and Pinich, 2 heroes who gather the Dragonballs to summon Sheng Long and create a new world by accident, one that mixes all the time lines of the franchise.

Recall that Dragon Ball Fusions will now debut on November 22 for Nintendo 3DS.