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Dragon Ball Fusions New Trailer Showcases Fusions Compilation

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Bandai Namco Entertainment Japan has shared a trailer dedicated to Dragon Ball Fusions, the game that came out yesterday exclusively on 3DS. As the name suggests, fusion of its characters is the predominant aspect of the title, and in the new trailer we can see some of the countless combinations.

Dragon Ball Fusions

As stated repeatedly, Dragon Ball Fusions stages a multitude of wacky fusions. Today, Bandai Namco Entertainment has just put online a video that focuses on the fusions. The latter has one after the other some fusions that it is possible to see in this RPG on 3DS.

Ever wanted to see what would be the fusion of Chaozu and a Saibaman? Or that of Piccolo and Gohan (adult)? Well, your wish will be fulfilled through this video.

Here are some examples:
1. Kolohan (Pikkolo and Gohan)
2. Dodobon (Dodoria and Zarbon)
3. Gohanks (Goah and Trunks)
4. Kuuhan (child Goku and Gohan)
5. Vegenks (Vegeta and Future Trunks)
6. Tutz (Turles and Raditz)
7. Majin Satan (Majin bu and Mr. Satan)
8. Yamta ( Yamcha and Vegeta)
9. Pandel (Pan and Videl)
10. Jiaoman (Jiaozi and Saibaman)

The overall experience of the game presents (as already guessed from its name) the realization of fusion between different fighters belonging to the universe created by Akira Toriyama, even if it is the most absurd.

Dragon Ball Fusions is only available in Japan. For the moment, the publisher has not shared any information about a possible launch in North America or Europe. Now it only remains to wait for further updates.