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Dragon Ball FighterZ Full List of DLC Characters Uncovered


Since January 26, all fans of Dragon Ball and fighting games are already enjoying Dragon Ball FighterZ on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Before the launch of the game, we already knew that we would have a Season Pass and eight new characters that will reach to us via DLC. Well, the possible fighters who will be incorporated soon to Dragon Ball FighterZ have been uncovered now.

On the forums of ResetEra, a video was published that would testify how some dataminer would have found well in advance the list of characters and extra modes coming soon for Dragon Ball FighterZ, the latest, resounding fighting game dedicated to Goku and companions.

The fighters expected in the coming months in the form of DLC would be:

1. Broly
2. Bardock
3. Zamasu (with Fused?)
4. Vegito (Blue?)
5. Cooler
6. Android 17 (Ranger)
7. Base Goku
8. Base Vegeta

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Two new modes called “Z Union” and “Z League” would also have been found. Of course, we advise you to take this information with a grain of salt and wait for any official confirmation from Bandai Namco, presumably over the next few weeks.

Would you be satisfied if these characters were offered in the DLC? Or do you think they should have been in the base game? Which protagonists would you like to play in the game? Tell us everything in the comments below.

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You can check out the video in question below.

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