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Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 8 download available soon

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Dragon Age: Inquisition receives a new patch that brings some major improvement in the game. The patch offers some fixes that will make the gameplay smoother. Below you can see the official patch logs. For more details you can check out the same on the official website.

Dragon Age Inquisition Pics
Dragon Age Inquisition Pics

A number of fixes in the patch notes are given for multiplayer gaming. This includes some internal bugs while playing the game. The patch will enhance that and make your gameplay a lot better. For example, it is going to put a new save importer feature. This feature will help you to migrate your save games among different consoles. This is applicable for both single and multiplayer games. The patch also brings a new high-level weapon in multiplayer.

Checkout the Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 8 Notes here and below:

  • Introduced the Save Importer feature, allowing players to migrate their single-player save games and multiplayer data to current-gen consoles.
  • [Multiplayer] Introduced new and rare high-level weapons, including some from the Avvar clans.
  • [Multiplayer] Introduced one new T4 accessory.
  • [Multiplayer] Introduced Proving Grounds, a new tutorial level accessible from the class-selection screen.
  • [Multiplayer] Introduced Nightmare difficulty, a step up from Perilous.
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue that caused the Multiplayer menu to be reloaded after a quick match failure.
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue when using Reset Ability Points with a full inventory.
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue which could prevent Multiplayer maps from streaming in during high latency matches.
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed the text for the Challenge “Relentless Pursuit” to list the correct Multiplayer character.
  • [PS4] Fixed a crash when playing while installing relating to the Flames of the Inquisition items.
  • [PS4] Fixed an issue that prevented joining a Multiplayer game via PS4 Friends List
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