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Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 5 for PC releasing soon

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BioWare’s new patch for Dragon Age: Inquisition will bring some serious changes in the game. This patch is considered to be the biggest one for the game released yet. And this is for the pc edition only. The patch is under the beta edition. You have to participate in BioWare’s beta program to get the patch. It is not going to be released for all so soon. Once the patch is verified and tested properly by Beta testers then it will be finally released for all. The patch is going to be huge in size. Because it brings two benefits. First it will enhance the gaming performance and second it will bring out some new things also. The patch is announced today but yet the patch is not finalized so you won’t be getting any download soon.

Bioware is already in the process of releasing a new Beta program for this patch. The patch is not yet named. Usually Bioware has called it Patch 5. Bioware wants to keep things limited in the start. So here if you had participated in the Beta program the only you will get access. And remember that the participation is also limited. This patch will be given to a few selected group of players only. And this will be available through sign-up. It would help Bioware to deal with future problems they are facing on the game and also enhance the gameplay in a better way. Being a huge patch there are chances of having bugs in it. So before releasing the same Bioware is going to check out the concerns which will be provided by the testers. The new patch is going to give you more controls over the game. There will be addition mouse controls and also a new kind of auto-attack feature for a single player. A bit of graphic enhancement are also introduced giving you a better shader quality.

With this benefits, there will be a new access to new kind of underground shop called as Black Emporium. Players can find out more new things here, then can get some new weapons in it. They can modify their facial experience and also they can change their appearance using a new kind of tools. The most annoying part for gamers is to wait for the patch.