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Dragon Age Inquisition ‘Last Adventure’ Story DLC download soon available

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Dragon Age Inquisition will be getting a new DLC called as Last Adventure. This is via leaked information. Officially the game developer does not cover much story on this. As per the leaked survey this new DLC will costs around $14.99. This add-on content will be an expansion for the game with a new story and challenging quest.

Dragon Age Inquisition Images
Dragon Age Inquisition Images

Bioware still does not speak much about the add-on content. There are ample of users on Reddit that are talking about the DLC. And most of the information about the DLC comes from there.  So there are chances that this can be rumor to some extent. As most of the things about the DLC is suspense. As per other news sources final information about the DLC will be coming up in coming weeks or might be at the end of this year. There are in total 4 DLCs out for Dragon Age Inquisition. They are Spoils of Avvar, Black Emporium, DragonSlayer and Jaws of Hakkon. Other than this the official website does not even offer a glimpse of any upcoming DLC for the game. But it looks bit interesting. The leaked information shows up that this DLC will hold up some interesting challenges, new area and more competitive enemies.

We have to wait for some more time to find out more proper news about the DLC. Yet nothing is revealed. Dragon Age Inquisition is a high rated game and DLC’s will be extra treat for the players. WE think that Bioware must put some light on this leaked DLC.

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