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Dragon Age: Inquisition Final Story DLC available for download soon

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Dragon Age: Inquisition was launched in the month of November last year. And this game is quite old now. But this doesn’t stop it in getting a new Final Story DLC. This new DLC will bring some twist in the game that offers you a better ending. It is found that this DLC is going to make the game more challenging by adding a new content and a different gameplay mode.

Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshot
Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshot

Just recently a few months ago there was a DLC released for this game. The name of that DLC was Jaws of Hakkon. And then another one came called as Spoils of the Avvar. After that there was news about the third DLC but nothing was released. This was just like a rumor. But nothing came out. Now we got this new rumor about Dragon Age: Inquisition Final Story DLC which is quite confirmed, but the date for the release is not yet finalized. This would be exciting news for the players.

This DLC will be coming up first for the PC version. Then after some time it will be released for Xbox One and then in the end finally for PS4. The DLC will give some more content after the Thedas mission. And there will be a new gameplay mode that will help you to play it back with more challenges lying ahead. Since the DLC is not free, the cost of Dragon Age: Inquisition Final Story DLC will be around $14.99. This is not the exact price; it is a leaked cost given on the web.

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