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Dragon Age Inquisition all DLCs download exclusive to PS4, Xbox One and PC only

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Dragon Age Inquisition upcoming DLC will be provided on PC, PS4 and on Xbox One only. And this simply means that old consoles like Xbox 360 and PS3 will not be getting any kind of new updates. So that is a kind of bad news who owns old consoles. But there is one thing you can try if you are going to upgrade your old console. You can use the save import feature that will help you to get your games on new consoles.

Dragon Age Inquisition Images
Dragon Age Inquisition Images

Here Bioware has clarified that they will not be releasing any thing on the old console versions. And it looks like they are the first one to do the same. After a few time it is quite possible that no longer old consoles will get weight-age in terms of new games, patches and DLC’s.

Initial release date for the game was November 18, 2014. And after that we had seen few DLCs and patches also. But now after this all will be exclusive to three platforms only. Hopefully it would be a step for other developers also to emphasize on new consoles only. It would let the developers to get a bit of cost cutting. But it is also essential that the developers would take care when they are releasing new games. They must not release them for old consoles so that in future players won’t get end support news. However more new games are coming up with much high end graphics which is going to force users to go for newer consoles.

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