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Dragon Age: Alexis Kennedy confirms existence of a new game in the series


Alexis Kennedy (author of Sunless Sea and Fallen London) is working for some time with BioWare on a mysterious new project that is not announced yet, but it seems to be tied to the franchise of Dragon Age, at least according to the findings in the last hours.

Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshot
BioWare and Electronic Arts, struggling with the question of Mass Effect Andromeda, never published the announcement of a new Dragon Age, but the news was leaked thanks to Alexis Kennedy: the author of Sunless Sea was in fact taken over from BioWare to participate in the writing of his new fantasy, which will be joined by Mike Laidlaw (the mind behind the series) and Patrick Weekes, the saga writer.

A report published by confirms that Kennedy is working on a new game in the Dragon Age series: “There are huge differences between all of that and what I’m working on at BioWare, which I can now legitimately say is in the Dragon Age franchise although it has been known for a while. Notionally it was a secret but, because of who I was working with, everyone who cared knew. And then the day I started, Mark Darrah [executive producer of the Dragon Age franchise] tweeted saying ‘welcome to the Dragon Age franchise’, so I thought, well, I guess that’s official now then.”

Kennedy is working on the new Dragon Age since February, so the game really is in its early stages of development. According to the plans of BioWare, after freezing Mass Effect, the next title to be published is the new IP known by the codename of “Dylan”. For the next Dragon Age, in short, it will take some time.

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It was not immediately clear whether the game in question is Dragon Age 4, a spin-off or maybe a prequel. It could be possible that the title will be announced at E3 in Los Angeles? We’ll know in a few weeks for sure.

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