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Dragon Age 4 Will Use Anthem’s Code and Technology

The new Dragon Age 4 in development at BioWare uses Anthem’s code and technology to save time and resources in development.

Beyond the criticisms of which it was the subject of the launch, Anthem will represent a technological base on which BioWare intends to build new games in the future, starting from Dragon Age 4 which will exploit part of the code of science fiction action RPG.

The idea is to overcome the need to have to start again from scratch in the construction of an engine and a game system for each new large-caliber project. The fact of exploiting part of the code used for Anthem obviously represents a great time saving.

Once the technological base has been established, BioWare can spend more time on simple content building and gameplay refinement. Obviously, there is the fact that these are fundamentally different games like structure and atmosphere, but technological sharing goes beyond these differences.

The issue is also confirmed by an anonymous source in the extensive report published by Kotaku on Anthem’s development: “I think Anthem might be the kick in the butt that BioWare leadership needed to see that how you develop games has changed dearly. You can’t just start fresh and fumble your way forward until you find the fun. That doesn’t work anymore.”

It will still take a long time for us to see Dragon Age 4 in a form close to completeness, but perhaps the new organization of BioWare and this new technological management could significantly reduce the waiting times.

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