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Dragon Age 4 Reveal for December 4th Possibly Teased By Bioware

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BioWare reminds us that 10 years have passed since the release of Dragon Age: Origins, a historic role-playing game that started the famous saga. For the occasion, the Canadian development company has organized Dragon Age Day, a special day on which the anniversary will be celebrated with the community and, most likely, new official information on Dragon Age 4 will be revealed.

After Mass Effect Andromeda, and with even more emphasis after the launch of Anthem, there are great concerns about Dragon Age 4. The next installment of the saga, whose launch will not take place before 2022, is widely expected by fans of the role-play, but the concern about its development is increasingly evident. In this sense, BioWare has faced a really complicated last few years but, despite the notorious silence they have maintained over the next installment of the saga, it may not take much longer until we know accurate information.

In this regard, the team made use of their Twitter account to reach us on December 4 in order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Dragon Age, which occurred yesterday. “This year we’re excited to join the community’s party on December 4th and celebrate a decade together in the world we all love. See you on 12/4 for Dragon 4ge Day,” they said, offering a hint to the fourth installment at the end of the letter.

As we can see, the appointment with the “Dragon 4ge Day” is set for December 4th. Could the “4” instead of “A” is a coincidence? Hard to say, but we just have to wait until next month to find out the whole truth.

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Obviously, the reflection is not a sure confirmation that we will know more about Dragon Age 4 in just a few weeks, but it is suggestive enough to consider. Even so, we recommend keeping a certain suspicion of the possible eventuality, although we also invite you to be attentive to know what BioWare has under its sleeve.