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Many homeowners don’t prioritize their carpet cleaning or sometimes they just neglect it entirely. Those who clean use DIY techniques of DIY that they learned from Pinterest or maybe HGTV. This is usually because it is cheaper than getting it professionally done. Although that may seem somehow like an advantage, there are many things that we risk when we decide to go DIY on carpet cleaning. Below, we have discussed some negative effects of DIY carpet cleaning techniques. You can simply get a carpet cleaning company in your area by just looking up, for example, carpet cleaning Surrey, and then getting the help of any company that will clean your carpet cleaning. This blog will be about downside of DIY Carpet Cleaning Technique.

1. Poor results

With the DIY carpet cleaning technique, you are likely to get poor results than having the carpet cleaned by a professional. The machines used in DIY lack the power a carpet cleaning company machine can produce. This means that they can’t extract all the dirt and filth in the carpet as a professional one can. They also can’t heat water as effectively as the industrial one. And remember, the hotter the water is, the better it can’t clean.

2. Wet or Damp carpet for many days

Aside from not being able to remove all the dirt, Do It Yourself cleaning also removes less water from your carpet. While carpet cleaning Surrey removes almost all the water in your carpet and leaves it almost dry, the DIY carpet cleaning leaves your carpet sometimes wet for some hours or even for days. This means that if you clean your carpet with DIY technique, you not only have to wait for days or maybe hours for you to be able to walk on your carpet but also, you will have to deal with the smelly odor that a damp carpet brings forth.

3. Mold Building

Do you think the smell of a damp carpet is the only thing that you have to deal with? No. Wet carpets provide a good environment for the breeding of dangerous molds. You were cleaning your carpet to avoid these molds from growing, not to have them multiply in hundreds.

4. Delaminated carpets

Wet carpets tend to delaminate. Delamination is whereby the secondary backing of your carpet separates from your primary backing. A study carried out on carpets showed that 85% of all carpet delamination happens when the carpet is wet. This means when you DIY clean your carpet, the chances of it delamination due to the carpet taking long to dry is around 85% which is high.

Professional carpet cleaners leave your carpet almost dry because the machinery they use sucks all the water from the carpet. The carpet after being cleaned is as good as dry. This reduces the chances of delamination by, again, 85%

5. Shrinkage

Another effect that may come due to DIY cleaning is shrinkage. This is caused when you over-wet the carpet. While the carpet may be able to roll back to the place, if the shrinkage is severe, you might be looking at buying a whole new carpet.

These few reasons should make you want to get a professional to do all your carpet cleaning for you. You can contact carpet cleaning Surrey and access professional services in your carpet service.