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How to download word to pdf converter – Best tricks ever in 2020

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Have you just finished drafting a document in Word but before you distribute it online or send it to your co-workers? Would you like to turn it into a PDF file to avoid unwanted changes? However, if you are here right now and are reading this guide. It is evident that despite your good intentions, it is not clear how to download word to pdf converter. In fact, with today’s tutorial, I’m going to explain to you what needs to done to transform a Word file into PDF using various and specific solutions. If you are viewing this problem, then it is over. I’ll try to describe all about it. So. let’s get started.



Getting know: How to convert Word to pdf fast


Those who are wondering how to convert a word file to PDF faced with a wall of information, complicated and discordant. Today everything is effortless; we can use Word directly. Or one of the many free alternatives. The point is, you no longer need to switch between specific programs, online services, or other very complicated tools.


Probably any of the programs or services we use transform the Word into PDF natively, without the need to use specific tools. And even if we use particular or ancient programs that do not include this function. We can get help from the Open Source world, which offers many free programs, or from online tools. Here’s how to do it.


CloudConvert – Best software for convert


CloudConvert is an entirely free service, works with all browsers and does not require registration. Using it, you can convert Word DOC and DOCX files. But also simple RTF documents or other text file formats, to PDF. Let’s see how it used.


  • Select files, click on the Select files button and select directly from the computer currently in use the file or Word files on which you intend to act. 


  • Eventually, you can select the files on which to act also from a specific URL, from Dropbox, from Google Drive, from OneDrive or Box by merely pressing the arrow icon pointing down placed next to the Select files button and then choosing the reference solution.


Convert Word files to PDF directly with Word


If we have Microsoft Word, things are pretty simple. We open the file we want to transform into PDF, then click on the  File item in the Word menu. In the screen that opens, let’s move to the Export menu, choose to Create PDF / XPS document and click  Create PDF / XPS. Just making sure that the item saves as it set to  PDF


A tip: since it is an integrated feature in Office, we can use this tip to transform files into PDFs starting from any type: spreadsheets, presentations and so on.


#Method – 01


If we don’t have Word available, but our computer equipped with Windows 10,  there is still a quick and direct way to convert from Word to PDF. We can use a new function called  Microsoft Print to PDF, which is an integrated word to PDF converter but not only. It not only converts Word to PDF but turns any file we can print into PDF. In other words, thanks to Windows 10, we can convert DOC to PDF without even having to go through the program management system. “print it”. Let’s open the Word file with the default program. Usually, it is Wordpad, but if the file is visible, we can use any application proposed by the computer.

At this point, we use the File menu, choose Print and finally click Print. 


We do not use the Immediate Print menu, which would not allow us to have all the options. In the window that opens, we scroll through all the printers until we find Microsoft Print to PDF. Let’s select it and click Print.


#Method – 02

By now, we should have realized that no Word to PDF converter needed as a specific program. Virtually any program or App that can open documents can transform them into PDFs.

If we don’t have Word and our computer doesn’t have Microsoft Print to PDF, we can always resort to LibreOffice, OpenOffice or any of the free Office packages. 


As an example, we show the LibreOffice function for Writer, but practically all programs have a similar one. With these applications, things are even more comfortable: click on the icon that resembles the PDF file logo directly in the program’s main menu, then choose where to save the file


If you follow this, you can know how to download word to pdf converter.