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Download Limbo for Android

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Limbo is a popular puzzle game that was released for pc and now this game comes on Android. The game is not free. It is a paid edition which will cost you around Rs.310. You can download it from the below link. This game is amazing and has already made its success on console and pc. The game rotate around a boy who is looking out for his elder sister and has to pass through various obstacles and problems. The game has some really challenging mode. It is a very addictive game. It is being a very long time when this game finally lands on Android. I was expecting a trail edition also. But there is a single paid edition. The game works very well on tablets pc. The game features a amazing art style and dark background. It is also not having a very high graphical requirement. The game features a side scrolling environment which is easy to understand. With minimum interference you can play it well. There is also some addition of horror effect on the game.

Download LIMBO for Android