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Double Fine would like to see Psychonauts 2 on Nintendo Switch

As part of the opinions, desires, rumors and what else were there for Switch after its official launch, the turn for Double Fine arrived, the developer founded by Tim Schafer and creators of Psychonauts 2, who on their official account of Twitter mentioned that they would like the game to arrive at the new console of Nintendo.

After being questioned by a fan on the possibility that Psychonauts 2 will come to Switch, Double Fine replied: “Very possibly for psychonauts 2, I believe we’d like to hit up as many platforms as we can with that one.”

With that response began the speculations, however, the developer clarified the comment and, although he did not confirm anything, but he left the doubt when answering the following: “clarifying this as it’s getting newsed: we have no existing plans for a Switch version, but it is possible we might later on!”

Would you like to see Psychonauts 2 on Nintendo Switch? Do tell us your opinion in the comment section below.

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