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Double Dragon 4 Launch Trailer Released

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Arc System Works has released today the official launch trailer for Double Dragon IV, the new episode of the series coming on January 31 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Double Dragon IV is the official sequel to the historical saga of beat’em up scrolling that was so popular in the arcade and console in the ’80s and’ 90s year.

Here at last the first full trailer for Double Dragon IV of Arc System Works was launched, the new installment of the series, originally created by Technos Japan, out on January 30th on the PlayStation 4 and PC, as announced months ago.

The video shows the game in action, starting from the canvas that led Billy and Jimmy beating each other of the thrashing again with their eternal enemies. To note the return of many of the bad historians, including Linda, Abobo, Burnov and others.

Double Dragon IV is a beat’em up scrolling game that reflects the style of the series released on Nintendo NES titles and ranks as the ideal sequel to Double Dragon II The Revenge.

Besides the story mode you will see us engaged in a series of scrolling levels, the game also features the 1vs1 and Tower mode, in which Billy and Jimmy will face waves of increasingly powerful enemies.

Check out the launch trailer of Double Dragon 4 below: