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Dota 2 Patch 6.84 download available soon

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Last week Valve pointed to an update for Dota 2; today the details of the gameplay Update 6.84 were then concretized. Some heroes are nerfed, the gold farms changed, new objects introduced and the hero pool of Captain’s mode expanded.

Today it is the details of the Gameplay Update 6.84 that has been clarified. The changes with the update expected to fall from extensive and include predictable and surprising changes. Some of the heroes that rose by 6.83 in the favor of the players were nerfed. Affected are Troll Warlord, Sniper, Storm Spirit and of course Juggernaut. Vengeful Spirit, meanwhile, remains unchanged, although the hero is extremely popular since 6.83.

Many items are adjusted by the 6.84 update and simultaneously expands the selection to seven new items. So there will be about an upgrade to the Boots of Travel. However, the players have to adapt to significant changes in the farms. From killing Lane Creeps, there are future less gold. At the same time bonus gold given is now increased/decreased by up to 20% based on the dying hero’s relative rank. This is likely to significantly affect the Match curves.

In addition, Valve will extend the hero pool of Captain’s Mode: Winter Wyvern is in this game mode in future also to choose from. Still, no release date for the gameplay update 6.84 was announced. According to rumors it could be played later this week. You can find the full, quite a long list of changes of update 6.84 on this address.

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