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Dota 2 6.85 update is now available for download

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Dota 2 6.85 update is out now for download. The patch offers lots of improvement and enhancements in the game. The patch was having quite a long waiting time and finally this is out for players. The patch logs are quite long. You can check that below.

Dota 2 Screenshot
Dota 2 Screenshot

Dota 2 6.85 patch has many fixes also. It brings a variety of upgrade in different section. Below is the short list of General changes. Dota 2 is a famous game and there are millions of people already playing it. The game has not yet showed some major bugs. It rather performs well, but new updates not only make it stable but also remove things that can cause issue while playing. So just checkout the updates and test out the same.

Dota 2 6.85 Patch Logs are given here and some of them below:


  • Purge no longer deals bonus damage to summoned units
  • Siege Creeps now behave like normal lane creeps for spell targeting rules
  • Siege Creeps now have 80% Magic Resistance
  • Ancient Thunderhide has a new ability: War Drums Aura – provides +15 Attack Speed and +15% Attack Damage
  • Ancient Black Drake has a new ability: Dragonhide Aura – provides +2 Armor, stackable
  • Ancient Dragon Camp units now have 2 less armor
  • Fixed the following passive abilities not being disabled by Break: Nethertoxin, Tidebringer, Essence Aura, Hunter in the Night, Poison Sting and neutral ability passives
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