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Doraemon Story of Seasons Available Now on Switch & PC

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Marvelous and Bandai Namco have announced the launch of Doraemon Story of Seasons, a video game that is already available on Nintendo Switch and PC. It is a crossover between the universes of the Marvelous Story of Seasons farm simulation saga and the animation series of the famous cosmic cat. The company has released launch trailer to celebrate the release of the game.

In this new video game, which will premiere an accessible farmer component, characters such as Doraemon, Nobita and other popular secondary characters of the iconic animation series, must cooperate with each other to build a town from scratch. As in other titles of the saga, we will have to grow crops, monitor and care for livestock and sheep or engage in conversations and relationships with neighbors and more.

In fact, as we speak and take care of our neighbors, our own locality will develop and improve the community in which we move. It is not the only novelty of Doraemon Story of Seasons, which in addition to having a nice and very special graphics section, will provide an indispensable element in the universe of the blue cat: gadgets and inventions.

Also, as in cartoons, Doraemon’s objects will also serve to solve some of the problems we will encounter, resulting in funny situations.

Doraemon Story of Seasons is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.