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DOOM’s New Video Showcases Motion Controls Support on Nintendo Switch

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Just a couple of weeks ago we got information about the Nintendo Switch version of DOOM through which Bethesda allegedly confirmed that the game would not take advantage of the motion controls on the new console of Nintendo.

However, today we are receiving the latest news about it that seems to contradict this initial statement, and it is that DOOM could get to make use of the motion controls as shown in the video at the bottom of this news, taking advantage of other titles like Splatoon 2.

These new rumors come from a video posted by Nintendo World Report, who have been able to test this version of DOOM on Nintendo Switch and have uploaded a gameplay that you can check below.

However, the most interesting part appears around the 2:50 minute of the video, when the user enters the options menu of the game and you can clearly see the right option of motion controls.

Of course, this could be an option that has been tested in one of the versions prior to the release of the game and when it is finally put on sale the game might not include it, but the truth is that there is a support for motion controls, as you can see in the video.

Bethesda has yet to give an open and official decision on the matter or, otherwise, on November 10, when this new version of the successful title of DOOM will be released.

Check the video showing motion control support of DOOM on Nintendo Switch below:

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