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Doom’s new multiplayer video reveals Demons, Power Weapons & Power-Ups

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Bethesda Softworks continues to offer new videos for the next album in Doom series, focusing again on its online mode. The ability to embody demons is highlighted, while displaying unavoidable weapons such as the chainsaw and the BFG.

Doom E3 2015 Screenshot
Doom E3 2015 Screenshot

After years of waiting, the release of the final version of the fourth pane of Doom is approaching inexorably. To prepare for this launch, the publisher Bethesda Softworks regularly gives us new excerpts from the FPS game. The new video below focuses again on the multiplayer mode, which looks really dynamic.

This time, some weapons are being honored, including the famous chainsaw, the gauss rifle and the timeless BFG (Big Fuc*ing Gun). Some improvements are also being honored along with the ability to transform us into demons. The Baron Infernal and Ranger are also highlighted, each with its approach of its own.

iD Software has scheduled an arsenal that should be enabled in this great games. Finally, various improvements can change the course of a game such as invisibility, swiftness or regeneration which is still there. Doom is one of the pioneers in the FPS lines of game that will return to the front of the stage in a few weeks and Bethesda Softworks gradually reveals some aspects of the game every now and then. And for the first time, we will be able to enbody demons.

Remember, Doom will be commercialized at 13 May 2016 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.