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DOOM reportedly runs at 30 frames per second on Nintendo Switch

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Since DOOM was announced for Nintendo Switch, many people have wondered what differences will it have to compare with the addition of other consoles. Fortunately, one of the biggest doubts has already been solved, since its frame rate is now confirmed.

This week, various media had the opportunity to attend an event to test DOOM on Nintendo Switch. There they discovered that the port of DOOM, with the responsibility of Panic Button, runs at a constant 30 frame per second. It is important to mention that Bethesda did not reveal what the resolution of this version of the FPS will be.

Also, different media have reported that DOOM for Switch presents lower quality textures than the version for other platforms. However, there are some things that remain intact like the depth of field effects and Glory Kills.

It is important to mention that, according to a spokesman of Bethesda to Polygon, Panic Button is still working on optimizing DOOM for Nintendo Switch. So it is possible that its release version might have some improvements, but it is important to note that we cannot expect any drastic changes.

You should know that DOOM for Switch is a tailor-made version for the Nintendo console. One detail you should know about it is that DOOM’s cartridge will only include the campaign for Switch, so the multiplayer for it will have to be downloaded from the store.

DOOM for Switch was announced on the latest Nintendo Direct and is expected to debut before the end of the year.