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Doom Reborn, Remake of Doom 1 & 2 in idTech4, Available for Download

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Doom 3 is probably the least loved chapter in the series, but actually offers a more interesting visual style than the first two chapters. For this reason, Doom Reborn is taking the classic levels of Doom and Doom 2: Hell on Earth and is recreating them with the graphics engine of the third game. The mod is now available as a standalone game: it’s a great way to pass the time until Eternal comes out.

The idea is to keep the classic spirit of the series alive using the excellent graphics engine created by id Software for the third game. The mod uses the maps of the first two chapters, so we will still have to deal with “cubed” environments and flat walls, but there are a number of improvements to the effects of light, in addition to much more reactive three-dimensional enemies.

It should be noted that Doom Reborn is not yet complete: the current version, 1.61, is still classified as pre-beta, but it is still available for download at this address, and allows you to tear up a lot of demons. Modders hope that this independent version will encourage the community to help out with the project or even push it to work on a remake of John Romero’s Sigil for Reborn.

This independent version of the mod could still run into legal problems as happened with Doom Remake 4 which was blocked by ZeniMax last year. The creator of DR4 stated that the block was caused by the use of a “third-party graphics engine”. Doom Reborn, however, uses the original idTech, so maybe things could be fine.

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