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DOOM on Nintendo Switch Requires Atleast 13.4GB Free Space

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The players of Nintendo Switch will receive DOOM in the next week, one of the first bets of the console developed by Bethesda to which later The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be added. We already know how much space the downloadable version of the shooter will occupy in the console.

The eShop of Nintendo Switch has recently updated the product page of DOOM with the size of the downloadable file to have the game in digital format.

If you decide to purchase the game in its downloadable version, the minimum free space that you will need on the memory card or in the memory of the console is 13.4GB. This amount does not include, a priori, the content of the multiplayer, which is an individual download to the main game.

Earlier, Bethesda pointed out that the Doom multiplayer will require about 9GB of additional space on the console. The players who have purchased the physical edition will also have to download its multiplayer version of the game additionally.

DOOM comes to Nintendo Switch with a version technically adapted to the console in terms of graphics that brings both the campaign and it’s multiplayer. The only content that will not be present in this version is SnapMap, the map editor is available in the rest of the editions.

Doom for Nintendo Switch will be available from November 10th.

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