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DOOM: Hell Followed DLC download available now

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DOOM: Hell Followed today has its premiere. Included are, as it did in Unto the Evil, exclusively multiplayer content. Among three new maps, a gun and a piece of equipment. Hell Followed is also available separately for just under 15 dollars.


The Second Season Pass DLC of Hell Followed for Doom is now available for download. Players who have purchased access badge seasons of DOOM will receive three free add-ons to the game. The first – called Unto the Evil – was released some time ago, and now it’s time for another.

In the second DLC titled Hell Followed and as we read on the official website of DOOM, we get together with the new elements of multiplayer: Three new maps to dominate, the new demon, in which you incarnate, a new weapon to master, subject to the equipment and the range of new sets of armor, ridicule and modules hacking.

Below you can check all the details of DOOM: Hell Followed:

Three new multiplayer maps to dominate:

1. Templar – fight among the ruins of the ancient tomb of the night guard, where monuments to the heroes stare silently at the machinery of the bankrupt society.

2. Melt – turning buoys in a world full of volcanic temples and fight in the fully realized facility dedicated to harnessing the power of lava, in which rivers flow on the planet.

3. Orbital – fight in conditions of low gravity on contained space station robot. Surprising opponents by attacking from the top, but be careful not to fly in beneath space.

Hold the hands of the reaper:
Use demonic weapons acquired from the depths of hell. Once six opponents high speed projectiles infernal power, or hold down the trigger to fire the cumulative load of devastating power.

Find your enemies impulse detection:
Take advantage of this technology aiming UAC to send around you “impulse” pointing out opponents in the vicinity, also through walls.

Personalize your marine, assuming his cyberdemonic armor:
Experience unnatural body connection with steel, giving its marine armor inspired form of cyberdemon.