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DOOM Eternal Will Run At 30fps on Nintendo Switch

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After confirming the arrival of DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch, id Software stated that the game aims to go out on the hybrid console simultaneously with the other versions. The frame rate will be set again at 30fps as seen in the previous chapter.

This is confirmed by Marty Stratton of id Software, who has provided new details on the Switch version of DOOM Eternal, in an interview on Eurogamer. Unlike the reboot of DOOM released in 2016, the new chapter in the series was also designed for Nintendo Switch from the beginning, allowing the development of this version in parallel with the others.

Also, this time Panic Button will deal with the Switch version, but there is a substantial difference compared to what happened with the previous chapter and Wolfenstein II. This time, in fact, id Software has designed the game keeping in mind the Switch and its potential.

DOOM Eternal for Switch, therefore, will not be a simple porting made in the second moment, but in effect, an edition of the game made together with the others. In this regard, in fact, the title aims to arrive on the hybrid console the same day when it will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC: since there is still time for a launch window, however, we will have to wait a little more time before we will know when DOOM Eternal will finally be available on all platforms.

Finally, Marty Stratton has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch version of the game will run at 30fps, exactly as seen for the first chapter of the reboot. For which platform do you plan to buy DOOM Eternal? Tell us in the comments below.

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