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Doom Annihilation New Trailer Showcases Horde of Demons

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Yesterday the official account of the Doom Annihilation movie published a new trailer on Twitter announcing the release date of the film on home video.

The short film shows a team of marines struggling with a series of demons that appeared on a space station on Mars. Apparently, there seems to be no sign of the Doomguy, which is a pity.

The film will not arrive on the big screen, but will be available both on DVD and on Blu-ray starting October 1st and the pre-orders are currently available. Below you can take a look at the announcement trailer.

In this regard id Software said it was not a stranger to the development of the film, probably because of the cold reception that the cinematographic transposition has received. We’ll see if the sales of the movie will exceed the expectations of the director, Tony Giglio.

We also remind you that, after the launch of the film, on November 22 there will be the turn of Doom Eternal, the new game coming to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Doom Annihilation takes place on the darkest moon in Mars, where scientists have found an ancient portal that allows teleportation throughout the universe. The portal is considered the greatest discovery of humanity, but it is not exactly what it seems. In reality, it seems to be a door connected directly to hell and unleashes a horde of demons (their appearance is truly remarkable) trying to steal the souls of anyone who is unlucky enough to cross their path.

The movie will end up using the first-person perspective that is a distinctive element of the video game franchise, but director Tony Giglio wanted to specify that he didn’t want to abuse it since currently, it is something rather inflated. Giglio decided to use part of the first-person perspective with images projected in the “heads-up display” mode, a tribute to the original material, but fans are warned that this view will not be used on-screen for long periods of time.

The movie features Amy Manson, Dominic Magham, Luke Allen-Gale and Nina Bergman. The film was written and directed by Giglio and was produced by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, John Wells, Jeffery Beach, Phillip Roth and Ogden Gavanski.

Doom Annihilation will release in the United States directly on Blu-ray, DVD and digital sites on October 1st 2019.