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Dontnod’s Vampyr for Nintendo Switch Releases October 2019

Last year we learned that Vampyr would also go on sale on Nintendo Switch and since then the console players have been waiting for their version of the Dontnod game.

Now the studio has confirmed that the launch will take place this fall, specifically in the month of October. In this financial report, the studio has stated that they intend to approach the two million units sold by launching the game on the best-selling console of 2018.

The release of the title on consoles and PC even managed to exceed the expectations of the studio by placing more than one million copies between physical and digital units.

In the story of Vampyr, we incarnate Dr. Jonathan Reid, who must live with an internal conflict between his thirst for blood after becoming a vampire without knowing how, and his oath as a doctor, to keep other people alive. Along the way, we will enjoy a good portion of stealth and good narrative level of the game.

Dontnod also recalls that since its IPO, two titles have been announced, that 3 episodes of Life is Strange 2 are released, just like Captain Spirit and Vampyr, allowing a 48% increase in turnover.

Were you eagerly waiting to play this game on the hybrid console of Nintendo? Tell us in the comments below.

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