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Doctor Strange 2: Marvel’s First Horror Film?

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Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness will release on May 7, 2021. WandaVision, Clea, Baron Mordo, and Nightmare will be seen as significant parts of the film.

Doctor Strange 2 will be Marvel’s first horror film. The film will entangle you in a multiverse of madness amid thrills of horror and fear.

As per the speculations, Doctor Stranger’s adversaries, Baron Mordo, and Nightmare will play the role of Villian in this sequel film. So, get ready for the scariest and horrid sequences to watch in Doctor Strange 2.

Moreover, Doctor Strange 2 will include some sequences from the upcoming TV series of Disney+, Loki. Furthermore, our scarlet witch, Wanda from the upcoming TV series of Disney+. WandaVision will also appear Doctor Strange 2.

On the other hand, people are speculating that Doctor Strange 2 is taking a risk by adding too many characters and concepts in a single film. If you remember that Marvel’s Iron Man 2, and Age of Ultron introduced so many characters. So, people are rumoring that maybe the history of Marvel is repeating itself by presenting so many characters and mixing concepts all at once.

Let’s see will Doctor Strange 2 be able to maintain its prestige even after introducing so many characters ad concepts.
We will keep updating you about the expected scariest horror sequences of Doctor Strange 2.

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