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Rumor: Disney and Lucasfilm Reach Out Ubisoft and Activision for Developing Star Wars Games

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This is not the first time that rumors have emerged about Disney’s discontent with Electronic Arts’ treatment of its Star Wars license. In November it was said that Disney would have put pressure on DICE to rethink about the microtransactions of Star Wars Battlefront II. Cinelinx now reports that Disney and LucasArts would be contacting new developers.

EA got an exclusive agreement to create and publish all Star Wars games in 2013 for a decade. Since then they have launched Star Wars: Battlefront, criticized for the lack of a single player campaign and little content in its launch.

The criticism of Battlefront II was due to other problems, such as the loot boxes. Visceral Games was working on an adventure, but EA closed the studio and its project is now in other hands. For the game of Respawn Entertainment, there would still be few years.

Rumor has it that Lucasfilm would not be very satisfied with the release rate – two – in five years. The choice of EA was due to its size and the large number of studios, something that supposedly would allow a constant flow of games; in movies, Disney has scheduled an annual premiere for the next few years, with a new main trilogy, another in charge of the creators of Game of Thrones and series.

“From what I’ve heard Lucasfilm is upset as well and looking for other options,” is written in the article, which says that the problems of these games have been discussed with EA and what is even more surprising is that Ubisoft and Activision would have been contacted for developing Star Wars games.

The text reminds that there is an agreement and that it would not be easy to withdraw the license to Electronic Arts, but supposedly there would be some condition that would allow Disney to break the contract if certain conditions or quality standards were not met.

The rumor speculates that it could be a tactic to pressure EA in its developments, so it would not be an imminent break.