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Report: Disney Asked EA To Remove Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions

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Electronic Arts last night surprised many by disabling microtransactions of Star Wars: Battlefront II temporarily. Now, a report suggests that Disney lobbied the studio to abandon this idea.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the opinion of the players was not the cornerstone to change the microtransactions of Star Wars: Battlefront II, but Disney, who asked EA to withdraw this option to end the controversy that had been dragging the studio since October.

According to information from the American media, Disney executives noticed the bad comments that EA was receiving online regarding the monetization of Battlefront II, something that would undoubtedly jeopardize the company’s most important launch and Star Wars reputation.

The meeting went to Disney’s CEO, Robert Iger, who expressed concern about what was happening. The situation was more serious when the head of consumer products and interactive media of Disney, Jimmy Pitaro, expressed his concerns this week about the bad reception that Battlefront II began to have and the negative impact it could have on the Star Wars brand.

On this situation, said that the controversy once addressed, will not generate problems in the sales of Star Wars: Battlefront II. For its part, EA said this afternoon that they hope that the elimination of microtransactions will not harm their financial results for the current fiscal year.

The controversy of Star Wars: Battlefront II began from the Beta when many pointed out that the progression scheme of the shooter was very similar to a pay-to-win. Later, EA decreased the costs of the heroes by 75% and at the end, just a few hours after the launch of the game, they even canceled the microtransaction system, at least momentarily.

It is not yet clear what measures EA will take on this situation. The company only mentioned that data on the microtransaction system will be revealed later.

Star Wars: Battlefront II debuted yesterday on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.