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Dishonored 2 New Gameplay Details and Emily Kaldwin’s Powers Revealed

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Rather mysterious, Dishonored 2 will however offer some details about its new features compared to the first episode, including new powers of our new heroine, as well as other details regarding gameplay.

Dishonored 2 Emily Kaldwin

Announced as part of E3 2015, Dishonored 2 still remains very mysterious. Indeed, the title of developer Arkane Studios has released a single trailer during its announcement, enough for leaving few clues as to its content.

It is through the website Game Informer that some details were recently highlighted. So we learn that Emily Kaldwin – the new main protagonist who replaces Corvo – will have unprecedented powers, starting with the “Far Reach” that can be used to move very quickly in environments. In contrary to blinking (teleport) in the first part, it will be possible to get from one location to another with this movement.

Emily could also use another power called “Mesmerize” that can quickly knock out multiple enemies. Another skill called “Doppelganger” will offer the opportunity to create a clone and to make a diversion.

“Domino”, meanwhile, allows to link several characters between them. Therefore, if you make an attack on one of those opponents, others will suffer the same fate. “Shadow Walk” allows you to turn a small shadow to be discreet, like rats in the first game.

It is also stated that the developers have made sure to offer more non-lethal action in this sequel to offer more gameplay possibilities. The AI has benefited from improvements since the first part, so as to give us more trouble.

Dishonored 2 is scheduled to ship on 11 November 2016 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.