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Dishonored 2 Beta Patch 1.3 for PC download available now

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Yesterday, Arkane Studios has released patch 1.3 for Dishonored 2 on PC, it is available in beta and seeks to improve the performance of the title, this due to the problems with which it has counted since its launch.

Dishonored 2 Screenshot

According to the patch notes, it is a “general performance and optimization improvements” of Dishonored 2. Among the additions, we can find the option to disable motion blur of the camera, while the frame rate limiter is now set to 60.

This update also fixes some bugs affecting the speed of the mouse movement and changes in settings that are now maintained after leaving the menu. Users with displays of 5:4 and 4:3 will now be able to run the game without any inconvenience.

If you want to get the Beta of this patch, you have to download it from Steam, going to the Properties option and then selecting BetaPatch. After closing the window, Steam will download the update automatically.

Finally, players should note that the drivers 375.70 and 375.86 of Nvidia present some unique problems for Dishonored 2. If you want to download the patch, you should use the 375.95 drivers for Nvidia and for AMD the 16.11.4 driver version.

Here are some of the most important changelogs of patch 1.3 for Dishonored 2, but if you want to see them all you can visit the Steam page.

1. General performance and optimization improvements
2. Added a setting to turn OFF Camera Motion Blur
3. Additional mouse improvements
4. Fixed various issues related to user interface
5. Fixed various issues related to the Option menu
6. Fixed various issues related to multiple monitors
7. Fixed a bug which caused some UI elements to be misplaced when using 5:4 or 4:3 aspect ratios
8. Fixed a rendering bug affecting the lighting on some NPCs which sometimes caused a red glow
9. FPS limiter set to 60 FPS by default

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