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Disgaea 5 Demo download now available on PSN

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Disgaea 5 Demo is set to come on PSN first in North America on October 5 and then it will be coming in Europe on October 9.  One benefit of having this demo is that when you are done playing it you can move the save game files to the full game so that you don’t have to being everything from start. You will get a few level boosts. There is also a video of demo that you can see at the end of this article. The video shows you a few starting levels. It looks pretty nice game. The game offer you role playing gameplay. It is a bit different compare to what games we see today. You will be playing in gird-based maps. You have to watch your moves.

Because turns in the battle can affect your next movement. There are different character classes in the game, and each of them is having their own unique abilties. Some of they are stronger in one particular thing while weaker in other. On that basis the game moves ahead. There are also special attacks that you can use to bring down the enemy fast. The game takes place in Netherworld that is now controlled by Void Dark. Killia the game central character who team up to stop the rule of this overlord.

Disgaea 5 Demo
Disgaea 5 Demo


Disgaea 5 Demo Description:

Form an alliance and get revenge, in the latest SRPG in the Disgaea franchise. Killia, a loner, is drawn into forming a rebel army with a group of Overlords to oppose Demon Emperor Void Dark, and prevent him from taking over all of the Netherworlds.  The Demo size is around 3.5GB in size.

  • 1 player
  • 5GB minimum save size
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