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Dirt 4 With Teaser Trailer Announced

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The developer of Codemasters has officially announced the launch of DiRT 4, the newest installment in the franchise of driving of rally cars. The game is scheduled to arrive this year in June 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Codemasters and Koch Media have announced that DiRT 4 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC in June 2017.

“Dirt 4 takes the passion and authenticity of off-road racing to the next level, whilst also re-introducing you all to white-knuckle truck and buggy racing in Landrush,” said the Codemasters developer in a press release. In addition, they also made it clear that this time the game will include races with other types of vehicles.

According to Codemasters, DiRT 4 will highlight the danger of the nature of motorsports. “DiRT 4 is about embracing danger. It’s all about the excitement, and adrenaline that are absolutely necessary for off-road racing.”

Although there is still more content to be presented in the game, one of the things that the developers emphasized is the Your Stage mode, with which players will have the possibility to create their own scenarios.

DiRT 4 will come after 2016 when DiRT Rally was released, and it is the first game of the franchise numbered since the launch of DiRT 3 in 2011.

Do not miss the teaser trailer revealed below: