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Director: Project Cars 2 offers significant graphics upgrade on Xbox One X over PS4 Pro

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Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios continue working on the debut of Project CARS 2, a title that will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 22. As expected, the racing game will maximize the potential bonus of PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. However, according to Stephen Viljoen, director of Project CARS 2, the performance of the game will be much better on the new Microsoft console.

During an interview with the media Trusted Reviews, Viljoen highlighted the features of Xbox One X, and argued that it is “a great piece of hardware.” According to the director, the team of Slightly Mad strives to make all versions of Project CARS 2 retain the best experience of gameplay possible: “It needs to be the same level of detail and accuracy as what we have on the high-end platform on PC,” Viljoen said.

For this reason, the studio prefers to compromise the appearance of the title before the game experience. Viljoen said that talking about consoles is already a bit different because the game can be run on PC with all the graphics options at maximum and 3 4K monitors, something that is not possible on the current generation of consoles, according to the director.

However, the development team is aware of the extra potential that Xbox One X will bring. In this regard, the director said: “The Xbox One X is a great piece of hardware and we’re very excited for it and we’re making the most of it, so when you run the game on it, it will certainly look better than if you’re running it on anything else, other than a high-end PC.”

“I can’t tell you exactly what all the various sliders will be at when you’re on Xbox One X versus on PS4 Pro, but obviously they’ll be higher, so there will be a significant, a noticeable improvement, because you have better hardware,” Viljoen concluded.

Project CARS 2 will feature several models of Ferraris. The racing title will feature a Season Pass and a very limited Special Edition.