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Digital Foundry: Xbox Scarlett and PS5 “Are in Development, Hardware Exists and Demonstrated”

Digital Foundry talks about the next-gen consoles, mainly PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, in a video published at the bottom of this news.

Rumors and rumors about the next-gen consoles are getting stronger every day. Recently, for example, we learned that Sony would be focusing its energy on the future console of PS5, although we probably will not hear about new hardware this year.

Among the many rumors that surround the new consoles of Sony and Microsoft, here comes an interesting video of Digital Foundry that tries to do a deliver a little clarity on the subject.

The video of the British editorial staff aims to “warn” the players from the many news that will come during the year and, perhaps unintentionally, the video has unveiled a further indiscretion.

According to Digital Foundry, in fact, “Next-gen consoles are in development, hardware exists and is being demonstrated,” to insiders, ie developers and publishers.

The British editor also points out that it is “working on bringing you reliable info, one thing’s for sure. There will be leaks this year. Many leaks,” so probably in the future we could expect some more precise indication on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

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