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Digital Foundry: Overclocked Nintendo Switch Can Improve Its Performance by 40%

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The team at Digital Foundry, well known for its framerate analysis and video game optimization techniques, recently overclocked the hardware of the hybrid console, Nintendo Switch.

If the Nintendo Switch, today, is able to run games with more or fewer slowdowns – like the Wolfenstein Youngblood or Doom -, the processor of Nvidia Tegra X1 is still restricted for reasons of heating and other consumption of battery usage.

The team of Digital Foundry has removed this clamping to see what the console is capable of its maximum potential, and the result is clear, games like Mortal Kombat 11 runs at 60FPS constant with very rare falls or Doom is capped at 30 FPS and does not suffer any fall.

The adaptive resolution is also at its maximum power permanently, which gives a clearer rendering on the different games using this technique. On the other hand, the console goes from 64° on average to 67°, but that remains acceptable in term of heating.

Wolfenstein Youngblood FPS problems are solved with the maximum CPU clock, the resolution is improved if the maximum GPU clock is included. DOOM 2016 problems still exist with the maximum CPU and GPU clock, but they are less intense. DOOM 3 performance is completely fixed and locked at 60 FPS. The analysis in portable mode will arrive in the near future.

We will let you admire the video of Digital Foundry overclocking the Nintendo Switch below: